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Dear valued customer,

You are seeing this message because we haven’t seen any payments from you in a while. Our company depends on your payments to keep the service running smoothly for everyone.

To avoid suspension or account termination, please make a full payment at your earliest convenience.

If there are any issues delaying payment (e.g. missing invoice, incorrect information etc.) please do let us know and we can send the relevant information as the due date for your bill has now passed.

If you have already paid your outstanding bills, please contact our technical support team at (876)-931-8711 or email us at

What should i do?


How much?

All customers are charged a fixed price depending on the plan they are on. Please check the pricing table below to see the price for the plan you are using.


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You can make a payment at any NextGen Solutions office or authorized payment agents.


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When you have successfully made your payment, please send a photo of your receipt to our email address at

Pricing Table