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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors that affects the cost of an installation. Some of these are, the type of equipment needed based on your location, the amount of cable used in the installation and other special requirements.

Every installation is unique, here in the country side, no two houses are the same and they all come with their challenges. This is why it is impossible to give a calculated figure over the phone.

Instead, we will dispatch a technician to survey your home. At this time the technician would be able to give a more accurate estimate of your installation fee.

We can however say that 90% of our installations fall within $20,000 – $24,000 JMD.

Your monthly bill will be sent to you via email, WhatsApp or text message.

Customers located in Trelawny can conveniently pay their bills at our office located at

Shop #4 G. Reid’s Plaza

Main Street Albert Town, Trelawny.


Customers in Manchester namely Pike, Craighead and Chudleigh can pay their bills at an authorized agent conveniently located in your area. 

Miah’s Hardware

Bigwood District, Manchester

*There is a $100 fee for processing your payment at our agent location. 


If no payment has been made after 7 days of the due date. Our computerized system will automatically reduce your internet speed by 95%.

This will continue until the payment has been fully paid or the connection will be suspended or terminated.

If you already have a wireless router, it is okay to decline ours.

if the router requires setup to be used on our network, the technicians will charge an additional fee to setup your router.

The major benefits of using our routers are:

Range – You are almost guaranteed to have coverage throughout your entire home as we use high quality routers with superior signal strength.

Speed – Our routers are guaranteed to deliver the full speed of your internet package so there is no buffering when watching videos and other bandwidth intensive tasks.

Reporting – All of our routers are preconfigured to send diagnostic information to our servers so we can detect if there is an issue and fix it without even coming to your home.